Kichler’s Draperies Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

Kichler's Draperies Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

If I squint my eyes, this sign seems to read “Kichler’s.” Do you see it? I walk down this alley in downtown Cincinnati all the time [the sign says College St., but Google Maps calls it Roots Alley] and just spotted this old sign, right down the street from the faded Allegro mural by Barron Krody and the cool Burger Chef ghost sign.

5 thoughts on “Kichler’s Draperies Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

  1. Gassyknoll, I’m almost positive that the business was in the storefront on Race St., and the ghost sign is on the back of that. Otherwise, it’d be too, too weird.

  2. I can 100% confirm that is one of the Kichler Drapery Shoppe sign. I spent many a Saturday working there. Lol

  3. The store was on 7th St between Frisch’s and Mill End Drapery opposite Shillitos for 40+ years. This sign was in the alley behind the store. When Garfield Place was redeveloped the whole block came down and the store moved to Race Street opposite Shillitos. They 3 floors of the building the first floor retail, the second floor the workroom and the third floor storage. This was the secondary sign moved from the rear alley behind the store on
    7th street to the third floor facing Race Street. Thanks someone for bringing back many great memories.

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