Sago Palms Bike Rack by Kate Demske

Sago Palms Bike Rack by Kate Demske

Cincinnati public art nonprofit ArtWorks has embarked on Queen City Art Racks, a program to commission artists and designers to create unique bike racks for sites all over Cincinnati. Sago Palms by Kate Demske is located on Hamilton Ave. in Northside, right in front of Hoffner Park.

It’s hard to tell from my photos, but the finish is actually an iridescent dark green. And why palms? The park was once the estate of Jacob Hoffner, an avid gardener whose greenhouse included a Sago palm that had previously been owned by Robert Morris, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence [trivia via Bike World News].

Sago Palms Bike Rack by Kate Demske

Behind the bike rack you can see Tim Parsley’s Northside Bloom mural, an older ArtWorks project:

Sago Palms Bike Rack by Kate Demske

You can find Queen City Art Racks all over Cincinnati, including downtown in front of the YWCA and the Convention Center, Coffee Emporium on Central Parkway, and the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, among other sites.


3 thoughts on “Sago Palms Bike Rack by Kate Demske

  1. This is one of those bike racks that you don’t look at & say, “BIKE RACK!”. The neighborhood guy who sells stolen bikes doesn’t even use them. He just locks his bikes to the utility poles nearby & leaves ‘For Sale’ signs on them (directly across the street from a bike store).

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