Cincinnati’s New-Found Buzz Helping Attract Retailers to Region: more chains; hurray for progress!

Mural and Impact: over in Covington, a sad, messy and confusing debacle took place this week around a legal mural that was suddenly painted over.

No Other Place on Earth Like It: UC’s Wilson Auditorium Comes Down, Taking Ghosts, Dreams and the Love of Students and Faculty with It: the demise of an Art Deco building on the University of Cincinnati campus.

Despite Bankruptcy, Momentum in Motown Builds for Streetcar: interesting to watch the streetcar development in Detroit in light of Cincinnati’s precarious state of affairs.

Downtown Louisville Is Getting a Trippy Hunter S. Thompson Memorial: just that.

A Police Chief Tries To Reform The System From Within: over in Salt Lake City, policing that actually makes sense.

Bauhaus Opens Its Dorms to Paying Guests: wow!


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