New Book Praises Terrace Plaza as a Cincinnati Modernist Gem: book signing tomorrow at The Booksellers on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati.

Cincinnati’s Culture of Self-Sabotage: just that.

Metrobot Is Coming Back and Looking for a Home: of course this Nam June Paik sculpture belongs across the street from the CAC; duh.

Manifest Gallery Expanding, Offering More to Visitors: very cool news for the local art scene.

A Building Cincinnati Status Update: the latest on the fate of this invaluable Cincinnati blog.

An Open Letter to Whoever Is Running the City of Detroit: the Heidelberg Project‘s Jenenne Whitfield speaks truth to power.

Ghost Signs: ghost sign love from Wit Wisdom and Food.


4 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Hahaha, I was wondering what you meant by that. Honestly, I hope that Aaron’s harsh words and the bummer of a week so many in Cincinnati had are a healthy wake-up call. I’m mostly bothered by the lack of engagement and hope that changes the next time around.

  2. The enormous air vent on the north side of the Terrace Plaza kills me. As if the architects realized too late that their massive windowless facade provided no air circulation, and stuck some government surplus aircraft carrier ventilation louvers onto the damn thing at the last minute.

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