Call for Submissions: Rust Belt Chic Press: The Cincinnati Anthology: you’re invited to share your Cincinnati story [in words or pictures] by 6 Dec 2013.

Lawsuit Filed to Scrub Blogger Off Voter Rolls: the latest development in the drama surrounding Urban Cincy‘s founder.

Local Architecture: Cincinnati – Then and Now: photos of 1920s Cincinnati and current Google street views [tons of eye candy: Part 1 and Part 2].

Where Do Twitter Trends Start? Try Cincinnati.: “maybe Cincinnati’s culture is just blissfully average — corporate researchers often use Ohio as a test market because middle American tastes mirror, in the words of Ohio State marketing professor Neeli Bandapudi, ‘the broader trends of the nation.'”

Banksy’s ‘Ghetto 4 Life’ Work Upsets Bronx Residents: world-famous street artist Banksy continues his visual provocations in NYC, this time inspiring some thoughtful and eloquent critique from area residents.

Deciding Whether It’s Lights Out: the planned end of a community hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

How to Manhattanize a City: “turning a city into a playground for the wealthiest inhabitants, even as it forgets about the poorest.”

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