Cincinnati Tea Party Fails in Campaign to Intimidate the Urbanist Press With Fraud Allegations: the latest on the smear campaign against Urban Cincy‘s founder.

What Cincinnati Can Learn from Detroit: and vice versa, with a shoutout to ye olde VL.

Better Out Than In: Banksy’s busy on the streets of NYC right now.

These Men Are Now Charging People to Look at Banksy’s Latest Stencil: Banksy hit up East New York, yielding surprising economic opportunity for some residents of this untouristy ‘hood.

The Lie Sinatra Sings: a New Yorker’s thoughts on making it here versus making it anywhere.

No, THIS Is Detroit: an awesome bunch of eye candy, from the scrappy can-do beauty of the Heidelberg Project to the ornate grandeur of the Guardian Building, plus many, many more sights.

Daft Signz: California Sign-Spinning Set to Daft Punk: warning: watching this video will make you smile from ear to ear.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. The Tea Party will return this country to what it once was: a vast, depopulated wasteland. Bless their pointed little heads.

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