Untitled 2012 by Barry McGee a.k.a. Twist

Untitled by Barry McGee a.k.a. Twist

Barry McGee, also known as Twist, is a giant among street artists and his mural, entitled Untitled 2012, graces the side of the Mark Morris Dance Group HQ at 3 Lafayette Ave,. in Brooklyn. Can you guess when it was painted?

The 96×67-foot commission was executed as part of Art in the Streets and features a grid of vibrant, clustered forms that have become Twist’s signature elements: geometric patterns, block lettering and pouty characters.

Untitled by Barry McGee a.k.a. Twist

Untitled by Barry McGee a.k.a. Twist

Untitled by Barry McGee a.k.a. Twist

Untitled by Barry McGee a.k.a. Twist

San Francisco-based Barry McGee studied painting and printmaking at SFAI and became associated with the Mission School in the 90s, a loose collective of Bay Area artists whose work was informed by the lowbrow, vernacular forms of hand-painted commercial signage and hobo art.

Eagle-eyed Cincinnatians are probably familiar with this Twist character, hidden in plain sight on Walnut St. downtown:

I think this must have appeared when the ground-breaking exhibition Beautiful Losers debuted at the Contemporary Arts Center. Side note: I highly recommend the accompanying documentary, which profiles McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, and other notable artists who have navigated the worlds of street art and fine art.


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