VisuaLingual in The Designer As…

VisuaLingual in The Designer As...

I’m honored to be included in the book The Designer As… Author, Producer, Activist, Entrepreneur, Curator and Collaborator: New Models for Communicating, written by Steven McCarthy and designed by Martin Venezky/Appetite Engineers.

The included project is a bit of ancient history from my previous life as a design educator at an art college just North of Boston. At a design conference, I met Chris Corneal of Michigan State, and we decided to collaborate on a juried exhibit challenging design educators to give form to their pedagogical philosophies. Sounds sexy, right?

If you’re at all familiar with academia, articulating your teaching philosophy is a basic requirement. For a designer, creating a self-exemplifying artifact based on that position seems like a no-brainer.

I Profess: The Graphic Design Manifesto was the resulting exhibit that traveled extensively for a few years. I designed the exhibition graphics, web site and all promotional materials along with Nicole Pivirotto, VL‘s awesome intern at the time. You can see the title graphic here:

VisuaLingual in The Designer As...

Steven McCarthy of the University of Minnesota was one of the exhibit participants, and he included the project in this new book. Martin Venezky, the book’s designer, is a fellow Cranbrook alum from back in the day. And I left academia seven years ago, which I thought be a brief break for me, but which instead led to VisuaLingual becoming a full-time endeavor for Michael and me. Life is weird!


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