Grace & Nepenthe #7 by Kim Krause

Grace & Nepenthe #7 by Kim Krause

Grace & Nepenthe #7 by Kim Krause is a just-completed mural courtesy of the ArtWorks summer program, which hires professional artists and teen apprentices to execute public art throughout Cincinnati. This particular mural is a large-scale reproduction of Krause’s painting, and the project was led by Nathan Weikert.

The mural is located in Over-the-Rhine on East 12th St. between Vine and Jackson Sts., right around the corner from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where Cincinnati-based Krause is Chair of the Fine Arts department.

Grace & Nepenthe #7 by Kim Krause

Grace & Nepenthe #7 by Kim Krause

At approximately 3,000 square feet, this wall is huge! Given the scale, I sort of wish the mural were more intricate and detailed.

Grace & Nepenthe #7 by Kim Krause

Check out the artist’s site for examples of his recent paintings, and also see the full list of 2013 ArtWorks’ mural sites.

Now that the summer is practically over, I’ll document and share as many of the new ArtWorks murals as I can but, if you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably noticed that my pace can be slow — I’ve got [virtual] mountains of photos to process from various recent road trips and excursions, plus all this brand-new local eye candy, so please bear with me as I do my best to get to everything.

2 thoughts on “Grace & Nepenthe #7 by Kim Krause

  1. This is the first artworks mural I’ve hated. At first I didn’t know why because I’m usually defending art. i think what bothers me is, who is the audience for this artwork? It was done as a series so most likely the audience was the artist himself. Big public murals should be aimed at the people passing by. So what bugs me is that the biggest mural in the city was highjacked for one person.

  2. I agree about a mural needing to be accessible, although I don’t think the audience for this was solely the artist. There’s nothing wrong with this sort of abstraction but, if you’re not familiar with Krause’s body of work, all you’re left with are these colors and forms which, to me, don’t occupy the wall in the most visually satisfying fashion.

    It is a huge wall in a high-profile location, and I wish there were more going on here to capture our attention.

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