Cincinnati’s Terrace Plaza Hotel: An Icon of American Modernism: Shawn Patrick Tubb is raising money to publish a book about the famous, shuttered downtown Cincinnati hotel.

31 Ways To Tell You’re From Cincinnati: one somewhat condescending listicle from a national site.

31 Ways To Tell You’re From Cincinnati: a cheeky response from the local Cincy Whimsy.

Skateboarding Culture Catches Air: on the growing skate scene in Detroit.

Lego Wants You to Unleash Your Inner Modernist: a new Lego kit with 1,200 white and clear pieces and a book with architectural exercises but not actual instructions. Ooh, want.

Confessions of a Harlem Gentrifier: “As part of a white influx into a historically black area, I can’t help feeling like a tourist — or an intruder.”

Stanley Kubrick’s Amazing Old Photos of the NYC Subway System: just that.


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