The Second Coming: “contemporary urban spin collides with the city’s artistic and architectural heritage” right now in Covington, courtesy of BLDG.

Keyer and More: Digging Cincinnati History digs up the history of Keyer in Over-the-Rhine.

Historic Preservation or Economic Preservation?: just that, courtesy of the always thought-provoking Urbanophile.

The 12 Douchiest New York City Real Estate Ads Of All Time

Abandoned Hart Island: New York City’s Mass Burial Ground: crazy photos of a crazy place.

Johhny Rotten’s Tour of London: exactly what it sounds like.

22 Maps that Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently from Each Other: fun with maps.

2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. As I was listening to Rotten, I kept thinking, “This guy sounds like Prince Charles talking about architecture”. Glad he noticed it, too.
    He also sounds like old time Northsidians in Cincinnati bitching about the new businesses & residents.

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