Lawsuit: University of Cincinnati Blocking Emery Theater Revival: allegedly blocking, but still… Let’s bring back this gem of a performance space.

The 5k House: 5chw4r7z recently toured the Cincinnati home that was purchased for $5,000 and is now lovingly being rehabbed.

Humiliating Detroit: left, right, left…

Connecticut Shock Rocker Rob Zombie Hates Skaters and Loud Children: “Considering Mr. Zombie has made a living from selling albums and movie tickets to teens and young adults, I would think that he, more than anyone, would be sympathetic to their need for activities.” Hater.

A Rare Chance to Stroll a Park Avenue Tunnel, in the Name of Art: an awesome-seeming interactive installation by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, as part of NYC’s Summer Streets program.

Saying Farewell to Long Island City Graffiti Mecca 5 Pointz: sad.

Models of Sustainability: Sweden Runs Out of Garbage: what!

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