Art Alley in Rapid City, SD

Art Alley in Rapid City, SD

Art Alley is located in downtown Rapid City, SD between Main and St. Joseph Sts. from 6th to 7th St. Though about 8 years old, this ongoing public art project was recently restored and cleaned up and, on my visit, featured mostly aerosol art with some canvases, wheat pasted pieces and even a knit-bombing of some sort.

Art Alley even has its own quasi street sign:

Art Alley in Rapid City, SD

Art Alley in Rapid City, SD

Art Alley in Rapid City, SD

Art Alley in Rapid City, SD

In the alley, art has been painted on the walls, sidewalks, dumpsters, electrical boxes, and trash cans:

Art Alley in Rapid City, SD

If these were the stairs to my house, I certainly wouldn’t be mad:

Art Alley in Rapid City, SD

A few contributions reflect on art practice:

Art Alley in Rapid City, SD

The Rapid City Arts Council even hosted a discussion entitled Exploring Graffiti Culture:

Art Alley in Rapid City, SD

I don’t know how quickly the art gets painted over; this is what I saw in Jul 2013. You can check out some older photos here.

Of course, Art Alley reminds me of Clarion Alley in San Francisco, but also of Subsurface in Indianapolis, which is an annual weekend-long event during which the same walls get repainted by graffiti artists from all over the US [in case you’re curious, that’s coming up Labor Day weekend].


7 thoughts on “Art Alley in Rapid City, SD

  1. They got big alleys in Rapid City. What did you think of the statues? They have something like that in Springfield, OH. I think it’s strange.
    You guys going to hit Mitchell?

  2. It’s pretty awesome although, if I have to play favorites, I’d say Clarion Alley is cooler.

    The statues are so stupid! I started to photograph them for ye olde blog, but then I realized, “If you have nothing nice to say…”

    We drove through Mitchell and checked out the Corn Palace, though it was a bit before sunrise, so my photos are pretty crappy and we didn’t get to go inside.

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