American Steam Feed Co. Ghost Sign in Nashville

American Steam Feed Co. Ghost Sign in Nashville

What in the world is steam feed?!? This ghost sign for the American Steam Feed Co. is located on 2nd Ave. South in downtown Nashville, between Broadway and Demonbreun St.

5 thoughts on “American Steam Feed Co. Ghost Sign in Nashville

  1. A former building owned by American Steam Feed was reduced to rubble during the Great Flood of 1927. This was Old Testament stuff requiring the Army Corps of Engineers to rebuild levees and infrastructure. I can’t tell you whether the building in the photo was built right after that, i.e. it could be a 3rd or 4th location.

    American Steam Feed sold and repaired boilers for steam heating and other steam “applications.” There is today an American Steam Feed that might be the descendent of , or even the same as the company that occupied your Nashville subject. They are located in idyllic Wylie, TX. Their website, I am not kidding, is: “Feed” means more or less movement, as in pipes for routing the steam feed.

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  3. It was established in 1881 and was at 126 second ave. s. nashville tn. Phone 6-2745. They were manufacturers of Daisy and Hog Feeds Chick Mashes. Dealers in Bran – Shorts Hominy Feed Grains – Etc. I found an old book of matches that has the info. on it. I believe it may have been owned by a Gupton

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