Metro and ArtWorks to Turn Bus Shelters into Art: more public art for downtown and Over-the-Rhine!

One Small Step for Detroit, One Giant Leap for Museum Ethics (Maybe): crazy drama; Detroit’s emergency manager attempted to seize the permanent collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts to pay off the city’s debt.

Embrace the Worldwide Movement Against Gentrification: “Around the globe, there’s a shared, growing worry about economic forces driving working-class people out of urban centers.”

The Giant Rubber Ducky Is Migrating to Pittsburgh: Rubber Duck by Florentijn Hofman will make its US debut in September.

St. Regis Cab Call: a super-cool and mysterious old sign in Manhattan.

Colgate Clock in Jersey City to Get Torn Down, Upgrades: Jersey City can’t seem to leave an icon alone.

Hip Williamsburg Trendsetters Invent ‘Movie Theaters’: in Brooklyn, life imitates The Onion


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