VisuaLingual Promotion for CSX

VisuaLingual Promotion for CSX

Over the past few years, we’ve produced numerous custom projects [you can see a few examples here], but our latest is definitely one of my favorites: it’s a promotion for the Midwest division of CSX and, for once, it involves more than just our seed bombs.

We designed and screenprinted 2,000 “thank you” cards for customers [above] and employees [below], which are being sent out along with seed bombs filled with Midwestern wildflowers.

VisuaLingual Promotion for CSX

In terms of design, I had a lot of fun with the chunky logo for this railroad company, and the black ink on rugged chipboard is a departure from our typically bright and clean color palette.

VisuaLingual Promotion for CSX

The “thank you” message appears as though it’s being delivered by the box car logo, and the repeating logo pattern on the other side is a subtle reference to a train yard.

Maybe you never realized this about Michael and me, but we are total train geeks, which is why places like Cincinnati Union Terminal and Grand Central Terminal are so dear to our hearts, and also why we love the annual Krohn Conservatory holiday train display.


6 thoughts on “VisuaLingual Promotion for CSX

  1. Cool logos!!! I love when their not only pretty bold graphics but are also cleverly symbolizing the company they represent!

  2. Thanks so much! We really lucked out with this client, because their logo is pretty cool, and their aesthetic is already bold and graphic, so all we really had to do was to harness that in our own way for this project.

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