Noted without Comment

Tower Ghost Sign in Over-the-Rhine

To be fair, the brand integration on the Tower ghost sign on Main St. in Over-the-Rhine is better executed than the recent typographic assault on Cincinnati Color Co.. HT to Faded Art for catching this one in progress and alerting me to the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

2 thoughts on “Noted without Comment

  1. what i do not understand, is that we have artists who can replicate the original. why cheapen it with some lazy, vinyl-looking addition that looks like a…mole on a nose?

    the other sign is definitely not ghost-y, but at least it looks like it’s a whole piece. they didn’t even match the fonts on the mixx sign. sigh.

    the more i look at your photos (and ooh and ahh over them), the more i think about how long our signs will last compared to these old ones. i bet the old stuff wins 🙂

  2. You know, I really don’t want to sing the praises of one graphic turd as opposed to another, but… To me, the Cincinnati Color Co. sign fails at its seamless integration, making the whole thing look clunky and cheapening the part of the sign that’s the original lettering [which has been repainted anyway].

    The top part of this sign looks like it got a cleaning but no new paint, while the lower “mixx” part fits its own space well and isn’t trying to have anything to do with the “tower” part. So, if I limit my peripheral vision, I can focus on just the cool old sign.

    You’re absolutely right about the [already old] hand-painted signs outlasting the vinyl and other cheap-o contemporary signs, which is a great thing.

    There is a restaurant on Vine St. called Senate that I don’t personally really care for, but they have a very cool neon protruding sign that must have cost a small fortune [check out photos here]. I respect the fact that they opted for a “statement” sign that actually adds something interesting to the pedestrian-friendly streetscape of the neighborhood.

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