ArtWorks — Transforming Cincinnati: an awesome video about an awesome organization.

Not My Favorite Auto Show: at long last, Chris Glass has updated his photo blog, including a lovely shot of your favorite texting zombie.

A Little Friday Link Love: Gypsy Forest likes our 10 Seed Bombs with Slinger!

Millennium: The Central Park 5 and the Gilded City: a long-awaited must-read from LastoftheMohikanz.

40 Signs You Grew Up in Brooklyn: #14 is L’Amour, the rock capital of Brooklyn, natch.

Great Art in Ugly Rooms: Dan Flavin above a toilet! Jean-Michel Basquiat in a fast-food restaurant! Cindy Sherman in a laundromat! WTF?

The Smiths — A Tribute: “The Smiths’ discography, based on the Manchester tram map.” Love, love, love…


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