$5M Gift to Fund Construction of Iconic Carousel at Smale Riverfront Park: downtown Cincinnati is getting its own Jane’s Carousel; pretty soon, I won’t even need to go back to Brooklyn to break out in artisanal hipster hives.

Theres a Question Mark Hanging Over the Apostrophes Future : on apostrophes in place names.

Historic Real Estate: The Charming Houses Seeking Relocation Edition: I’ll take the Art Nouveau charmer for $1, please.

Why Gentrification?: why indeed.

Nyorkers: a series of short documentaries on the lives of New Yorkers.

Politicians Furious over Bronx Bus Company’s ‘Ghetto’ Tour: WTF.

Bridge-and-Tunnel ‘Poser Hipsters’ Clog Williamsburg Bars, Locals Complain: flipsters, LOL!

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