Noted without Comment


Horseshoe? RIP OTR? Gamblers Anonymous meeting or punk rock show? I spotted this on Telford St. in the Clifton Gaslight neighborhood of Cincinnati.

9 thoughts on “Noted without Comment

  1. And this morning someone is tweeting
    “Need a break from the office, come have a cup of Joe at the casino! @ Starbucks”

    This sums up everything I hate about the f#@king casino, it is the opposite of community building.

  2. Wow, Schwartz, people can be so surprising! I’ve been to Reno, Vegas and Atlantic City, all of which are fine spectacles, but I can’t imagine any situation that would lead me to step foot in this casino.

    Still, does no one have a theory about this flier?!?

  3. I’ve seen them around. They seem to be tore down soon after they’re posted.
    Not sure who’s behind them, but I assume it’s someone not happy with the casino. (Not looking at you, 5chw4r7z.)

  4. If this is simply an anti-casino statement, then “decide today” seems like a perfect example of “too little, too late.” The only decision you can make at this point is to not go.

  5. I agree with the flyer and appreciate the designer offering criticism in the form of socially conscious art. I’m glad the person behind the flyer spent the time to create it and has succeeded in raising consciousness.

  6. But, have they raised consciousness? We’re all “plugged into” Downtown and OTR, and yet, we’re only guessing at what the point of the flyer is.

  7. Speculation about the creator: Somebody whose ex peed away all the marital property before the divorce petition got filed. Thank God she or he’s not bitter! Seriously, the casino is not community building, it’s community bilking. And shrill, strident arguements against it only make hardcore gamblers want it more.

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