Planning, Politics, and Building a City: coming up this Wednesday, a free lecture at the Mercantile Library on the career of city planner [and Kevin Bacon’s father] Edmund Bacon.

6980 Knoll Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45237: a Frank Lloyd Wright house is on the market.

American Sign Museum: 5chw4r7z checks out this Cincinnati icon.

April Gift Guide: thanks to Going Home to Roost for including our Exotic Herbs seed bombs in this lovely roundup.

The Gilded City—Bloomberg’s New York: I’m still wading through this special issue of The Nation, devoted solely to NYC.

Hocus-Pocus 101: Course Casts Its Spell Over Elite Students: Hollywood is home to the real-world version of Hogwarts.

White Entrepreneurial Guy: heh, I wish this were a comic…


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