9 Ways SpringBoard Businesses Can Help with Spring Redecorating: SpringBoard, the creative entrepreneurship course we took, has a fantastic roundup of Cincinnati-made decor goodies, including our Over-the-Rhine-inspired Flourishing pillows.

Historic Jackson Brewery to Become Performing Arts Complex: interesting news about an OTR icon.

4 Neighborhoods Take Lead in Building a Better Business District: elsewhere in Cincinnati, neighborhoods look to replicate OTR’s transformation.

Pay Phones in New York City Take You Back in Time: “A project designed to promote an art exhibit has turned 5,000 Manhattan pay phones into time machines that take callers back to 1993.”

If the US Were a High School, Which Type of Kid Would Each State (or City) Be?: so silly.

Modern Gothic: Astley Castle: rustic Modernism coexists within the 12th century ruins of a castle

Cranbrook — Bloomfield Hills, MI: pretty Springtime eye candy from my alma mater.


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