Liberty Tire Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

Liberty Tire Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

One of my favorite Cincinnati ghost signs is Liberty Tire on the edge of Northside, at the corner of Elmore St. and Spring Grove Ave. It’s not just a sign; it’s an entire painted building.

Liberty Tire Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

Liberty Tire Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

Is it just me, or is it strange that a business named for liberty advertises using Native American characters?

15 thoughts on “Liberty Tire Ghost Sign in Cincinnati

  1. Building Cincinnati reported this building is on the city’s nuisance list. It’s in bad shape, the owner doesn’t want to deal with it & I don’t think wants to sell it either.
    I think it’s a great “welcome” sign for the community & makes for a nice “bookend” with the Timber Inn sign on the other end on Spring Grove.

  2. Timber Inn? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one; I’ll have to seek it out. This building looks like it’s in terrible shape, but I completely agree with you about its function as a neighborhood welcome marker. It’s so prominent and distinctive.

  3. the Old Timber Inn is on Spring Grove @ Crawford – across from the cemetery. An interurban came down Crawford to Spring Grove & met with a streetcar. Great place for a bar.
    the sign was restored a couple years ago.

  4. As a kid it was always nice to be greeted by that sign! Once it was such a Beaut! But, over the years it is as you say a Ghost sign. I still love it tho..

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