Noted without Comment

Free Phone No Joke

Okay, just one comment: I suddenly have the urge to unearth my Trapper Keeper from junior high and compare my adolescent hand-lettering efforts to this sign in downtown Cincinnati.


4 thoughts on “Noted without Comment

  1. Walk by it twice every day. My friend speculates that this whole row of shops must be fronts for something. Otherwise, we can’t figure out how they stay in business.

  2. I’m continually amazed at how they’re able to pull off the faded look, with their brand new announcements. Is there a brand of marker that makes your letters look like they’ve been the sun for five years?

  3. Yeah, that’s a weird block, and these dry-erase signs just keep getting better and better. Next thing you know, they’ll rewrite this with bubble letters. BTW, my other favorite handwritten non-ghost sign is this one in Northside.

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