Biking thru Washington Park Oct 2007: see the historic Over-the-Rhine park as it looked 5 years ago.

PHOTOS: Historic Glencoe-Auburn Place Row Houses Are Being Demolished: I did not see this one coming.

Hi, I’m from Ohio: I don’t really get these jokes, but hopefully the Buckeyes in the audience will.

Top 5 Favors You Can Plant: Something Fabulous likes our personalized seed bomb favors!

Pretty Cute Watching Boston Residents Play Daily Game of ‘Big City’: The Onion nails the Boston experience.

New York, a Graveyard for Languages: all about the 800 or so languages spoken by NYC residents.

25 Pictures of Life Captured by Google Street View: just that.


5 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Thank goodness we live in a major metropolitan area, and cannot be mocked by the Onion, or the producers of Portlandia, for any of our foibles.

  2. You can spend hours on that 9 Eyes site. What’s amusing is some of the seriously remote roads they go down & realizing there’s streets they don’t even bother with in Cincinnati.
    I lived in Ohio my whole life & I don’t get a lot of those Ohio jokes. I don’t follow sports, tho.

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