Barr’s Loans Ghost Sign in Over-the-Rhine

Barr's Loans Ghost Sign in Over-the-Rhine

This ghost sign for Barr’s Loans is on Vine St. between Elder and Benton Sts. in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati. Presumably, it’s the same business as the Barr’s Loans ghost sign a few blocks down the street, advertising a 1308 Vine St. location [although the only item the two have in common is “watches”].


2 thoughts on “Barr’s Loans Ghost Sign in Over-the-Rhine

  1. And look on the 4th story wall behind the Barr’s sign… it’s another ghost sign! (I just saw that one myself last week. Was completely oblivious to the Barr’s Loan though, and never made the connection to the 1308 Vine paint jobbie either.)

  2. Isn’t it incredible that a single neighborhood contains so many layers of its history, right there if you look hard enough? I guess I got distracted by the bold arrow when I was taking this photo and didn’t even notice the faded ghost sign behind it. Great eye!

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