“Alley Walks” on the Rise in OTR, Downtown–At Last: small but much needed improvements to alley outlets; now, if we can just take off the gates so that we could all actually use them…

In Oakland, Citizens Learn to Treat Gunshot Wounds: taking the DIY ethos to a whole new level.

Zaha Hadid Races to Finish a Building Before Copycats Get There First: in China, the time between an initial design and its knockoff is collapsing, and it now involves buildings, not just fashion.

Why Are There So Many Bosnians in St. Louis?: fascinating!

Finding Vivian Maier – Official Movie Trailer: an upcoming documentary on Vivian Maier, the devoted nanny and reclusive street photographer.

Disneyland and the Uses of Architecture: on engineering nostalgia.

The Real Problem with Gentrification: A Phenomenon That Revived Cities Can Also Make Them Monotonous: just that.


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