Exotic Herbs Seed Bombs by VisuaLingual

Exotic Herbs Seed Bombs by VisuaLingual

If winter weather is getting you down, may we suggest growing some herbs on your windowsill? Our brand-new Exotic Herbs seed bombs will yield a little crop of cinnamon basil, lemon mint and lime basil, perfect for a bit of culinary experimentation!

These unusual herbs can be tossed into salads, used as garnishes, or muddled and served in cocktails. Try lime basil pesto as a topping for fish, or warm up with a cup of lemon mint tea. Exotic Herbs are the perfect complement to our classic Herbs seed bombs, which contain basil, dill, cilantro, chives, and parsley:

Herb Seed Bombs by VisuaLingual

Seed bombs can also be planted outside once all danger of frost has passed. Just throw and grow! You can find these seed bombs and much more in our online shop.

2 thoughts on “Exotic Herbs Seed Bombs by VisuaLingual

  1. Thanks so much! The packaging is just an extension of the brand we created for our seed bombs a few years ago. With each new variety, we just switch up the colors and tweak the lettering a bit.

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