Tappan Furniture Land Ghost Sign in Cleveland

Tappan Furniture Land Ghost Sign in Cleveland

This cheery ghost sign for Tappan Furniture Land is located at Detroit Ave. and West 67th St. in the Gordon Square neighborhood on the West Side of Cleveland.


4 thoughts on “Tappan Furniture Land Ghost Sign in Cleveland

  1. Woohoo Cleveland! Did you go to Happy Dog while you were out on the west side? I was an east-sider so I would go to Tommy’s and other places on Conventry, Cedar Lee and University Circle. Melt is also a favorite.

  2. I’d heard about Melt but didn’t check it out; did not make it to Happy Dog either. We ate some great food, though. My favorite discovery was Balaton, which had the most amazing Hungarian food I’ve ever tasted.

    Are you from Cleveland, or did you just live there for a while? I really enjoyed the time I spent there, and I’m sort of annoyed that we’ve been in Cincinnati for over six years now and only recently made the trip up. It’s not that far!

  3. I lived there for 3 years which is a short amount of time but I made the most of it. Cleveland has some of the best places to eat; food is definitely a thing there. I’ve never gone to Balaton but Kyle has and I’ve only heard good things.You should definitely make more trips up there. It’s a great weekend trip and the summers are phenomenal because it stays mostly mild and perfect. I’m actually trying to make more trips to Columbus. I used to travel to the short north for work which was cool but I know there is more to see. Ohio’s a great place to do intrastate travel.

  4. You’re absolutely right, and we’ll have to go back to Cleveland next summer or something. There’s definitely more to see — we didn’t make it to the Museum of Contemporary Art or to the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, for starters. The thing I hate most about Cincinnati is its hellacious summer, so this sounds like the perfect getaway.

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