Regional Report: Cincinnati: checking out the local culinary scene in an issue of Good Food Magazine from 1986.

OTR Building to House Entrepeneurs, Squash Courts: I’m really glad that squash was explained in this article, because I totally thought that it involves ponies.

Home Gift Guide: a shout-out to our Edible Garden Seed Bomb Kit from Modestics, a blog about US-based design and manufacturing.

Gift-Giving Ideas: Consumables Are More Than Chocolates and Wine: some gift guide love for our regional wildflower seed bombs.

The Fight to Save Frank Lloyd Wright’s Phoenix Legacy: I only spent a few hours in Phoenix; it’s apparently a crazy place when it comes to [not] preserving its history.

Is It Art? On Venice Beach, Police Can Make the Call: on the iconic Los Angeles boardwalk, a new tactic to preserve neighborhood quirkiness.

Concrete Oases: not that Cornell University in scenic Ithaca, NY really needs more nature, but students have gotten pocket park-like grass, comfy chairs and potted plants in lounge areas.


6 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. It’s apparently a trend in youth outreach. I thought it would be people on ponies asking each other to please pass the Grey Poupon, but what do I know?

    My ‘hood high school had a golf team, which was similarly puzzling.

  2. The FLW Conservancy guys pumped a lot of money into a really beaten house in a deteriorating part of Springfield. I have no idea how much money they have or how they decide to spend it. The Phoenix house seems to be in good shape in an affluent hood.

    The cops in L.A. must love their city council.

  3. Yeah, that Phoenix story doesn’t add up for me, almost as if not everything is being reported. Maybe I just don’t really understand the private property “climate” out there.

  4. Is Emanuel discontinuing the early childhood or the health and wellness stuff? Will they still be a voting precinct? Their website doesn’t say, and they haven’t released a newsletter since July 2012.

    How is OTR now “the ecosystem?” Also, the term “urban squash” conjurs images of white lawyers and accountants teaching inner city african american kids how to “improve” themselves. During summer they could teach urban bocce on the grass in Washington Park to our troubled youth. Imagine how much goodwill Grandin Properties will engender.

  5. I think one of the articles I read about this mentioned ending the early childhood program, but I’m not positive.

    Per your other comment, that’s exactly what I’m imagining based on the article. There’s nothing inherently wrong with using one activity as a catalyst for some larger self-improvement but, yeah, it kind of sounds like the premise for a feel-good Hollywood movie.

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