Overlook Mountain House by Frank P. Amato

Overlook Mountain House

The ruins of Overlook Mountain House are located near the summit of Overlook Mountain, the southermost peak of the Catskill Escarpment in the central Catskill Mountains near Woodstock, NY.

The Catskills became a fashionable vacation destination starting in the 1820s, and the first resort was built on this site in 1833. It was destroyed by fire in 1875, subsequently rebuilt and destroyed by fire in 1923. This third incarnation was designed by Frank P. Amato, but construction came to a halt when the owner faced financial difficulties. It was abandoned in 1940, and the structure was boarded up, suffering fire damage the following year.

Overlook Mountain House

The State of New York purchased the property as it was acquiring land in the area. One more fire in the mid-1960s further damaged the incomplete facility but, surprisingly, the structure is not secure and is still accessible to hikers.

Overlook Mountain House

Overlook Mountain House

The roof and floors are gone, but the fireplace and grand staircase remain.

Overlook Mountain House

Overlook Mountain House

The nearby lodge offered quarters for the owners and their guests.

Overlook Mountain House

The hike to the summit is about 2 1/2 miles up a gravel road that’s not all that scenic. The hotel ruins are close to the summit, which offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. For more photos and information about the Overlook Mountain House, check out this page, part of the fascinating Hudson Valley Ruins.


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