Backyard Habitat Kit by VisuaLingual

Backyard Habitat Kit by VisuaLingual

Our Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati studio has been busy developing new products this summer, including the brand-new Backyard Habitat Kit, which contains everything you need to create a sustainable backyard habitat for critters such as birds, butterflies, dogs, cats, and other small mammals.

Dog & Cat Friendly seed bombs contain a mixture of catnip, cat grass, wheat, oats, and rye.

Wildlife Habitat seed bombs include flowers, grains, grasses, and clovers for a sustainable habitat for bees and small mammals, including rabbits and deer.

Bird & Butterfly seed bombs will grow a annual gaillardia, baby blue eyes, black-eyed susan, calendula, dwarf cosmos, french marigold, lance-leaved coreopsis, plains coreopsis, perennial gaillardia, perennial lupine, purple coneflower, red poppy, and sweet alyssum.

The three bags of 15 seed bombs total and an explanatory booklet are conveniently packaged in a reusable muslin pouch, individually handmade by us and our small team of production assistants.

Backyard Habitat Kit by VisuaLingual

Check out this brand-new kit and other products in our online shop.

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