BDL Ghost Tile in Cincinnati

BDL Ghost Tile in Cincinnati

Last week as I was walking on 6th St. in downtown Cincinnati, I happened to peer into a construction site and get a glimpse of this “BDL” tilework. There are two configurations of the monogram and a pretty repeating pattern.

The buildings in question are the former Maisonette and La Normandie, now owned by 3CDC and currently under construction. The plan is for Boca to move from Oakley into one of these spaces, while the other will become an Italian restaurant. You can read more about that here and here, and check out more construction photos here.

BDL Ghost Tile in Cincinnati

BDL Ghost Tile in Cincinnati

Dear Powers That Be: please retain the tile as you rehab the space. It’s so pretty! On another note, what was BDL?

9 thoughts on “BDL Ghost Tile in Cincinnati

  1. Greetings Maya!

    From 1974 thru 1978, I worked my 1st job right next door to this building….

    Gregory’s Steakhouse — I bussed tables/worked the line…

    1st floor under the original Barleycorn’s Bar on 6th Street.

    The letters BDL has me totally baffled…

    I’ll reach out to a couple old Cincy contacts on this issue.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t remember which of those two buildings it was. I snapped these photos in passing and forgot all about them until a few days later, at which point I couldn’t remember and didn’t have a chance to go back to jog my memory.

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