Private Parking Ghost Sign in Over-the-Rhine

Private Parking Ghost Sign in Over-the-Rhine

Located at Elder and Hamer Sts. in Over-the-Rhine, I guess this “private parking” sign is technically still in use, so not actually a ghost sign. Still, the wear and patina put it squarely in the category of ghost signage found in my historic Cincinnati neighborhood.

What is it about peeling paint on brick that makes it so beautiful?

Private Parking Ghost Sign in Over-the-Rhine

At the top of this building, a very faded ghost sign that proclaims “sumfin-sumfin Savings Bank & Trust.” Anyone know the name of this bank? Was it located in the front of this building on Vine St., or was this an ad for the bank elsewhere in the area?

Private Parking Ghost Sign in Over-the-Rhine


5 thoughts on “Private Parking Ghost Sign in Over-the-Rhine

  1. This was an advertisement for the bank on the first floor. The vault of which is still there! Don’t know the name of it unfortunately. Great post!

  2. Well it seem that sign is a advertisement of a bank and because it look really old that paint is not that good anymore.In Finland country most of the private parking has develop their sign for their customer to see immediately because sometimes many people are pressing the time.

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