Disc-o-mat Ghost Sign in NYC

Disc-o-mat Ghost Sign in NYC

I spotted this ghost sign at 7th Ave. and 36th St. in Manhattan. As far as I’ve been able to research it, Disc-o-mat, the “home of cheap records,” was a music store back in the 1970s. I know, I know, such insights! In other words, I can’t really find anything.

I did come across the résumé of a person who had the job of “12” buyer” there for two years, a photo of the same sign on Fading Ad Blog, and the question “How do you take disco mat off of your igloo in club penguin?

Anyway. Sometimes I look at my photos and notice something completely different from what I was trying to capture in the first place. The ghost sign is cool and all, but look at the gorgeous building next to it! It’s small, it’s ornate, it could be VL HQ, couldn’t it?

Disc-o-mat Ghost Sign in NYC

Edited to add: I just came across a really awesome blog entitled Daytonian in Manhattan [weird, since I’m a Brooklynite now living in Cincinnati], which focuses on the history of different buildings, including this one. I don’t want to give anything away; you should read the fascinating story for yourself.

16 thoughts on “Disc-o-mat Ghost Sign in NYC

  1. There’s a discomat records (sans hypens) with a website that’s been “under construction” for a long time. Not clear if they’re NYC area. Speculation, Spock? Combination laundromat/bars with huge jukeboxes are the best place to do laundry in New Orleans, although several of them were taken out by Hurricane Katrina. Wonder if disc-o-mat was such a place, father north.

  2. Whoa, the bar/laundromat concept is blowing my mind! I’ve heard of a place called Sudsy Malone’s in Cincinnati, that was something along those lines.

  3. Sudsy Malone’s on Short Vine, roughly across from Bogart’s. Exactly. Sudsy also held Speed Drinking classes. UC students learned how to drink faster, with less comprehension.

  4. That sounds fantastic! Okay, not really. When we were first moving to Cincinnati, I asked everyone I knew if they knew anything [other than WKRP] about this place, and someone mentioned Sudsy’s. It was already gone by time we arrived.

  5. I worked at Disc-o-mat in the 80’s. It was owned by Eddie Anwar a.k.a. Crazy Eddies.. famous electronics store with annoying ads. Folded when Mr, Anwar was involved in a financial scandal.

  6. I also worked for Disc-O-Mat, I worked for the one in Hackensack, NJ on Route 4. I have some of my fondest memories, it was the record businesses hayday. I still have over 3000 vinyl LP’s from my daze there (and it was a Daze). Thanks for the pic and the great memories!

  7. Wow, it’s amazing that this little blog post can stir up so many memories! BTW, I was in the area a few months ago, and it looked like this sign was gone — I can’t remember now if the building’s been re-skinned, or if there’s a billboard over the ghost sign, but I don’t think it’s even visible anymore.

  8. Well, I just bought some records @ disc-o-mat in 1985.
    I was on holiday in New York, US.
    I still have some records with the cellophane wrapped around and the disc-o-mat price sticker on it.
    Anyway, great memorys!
    bruce shack from Cologne, Germany

  9. I worked at this very Disc-O-Mat location at 36th & 7th for several years during the mid 80’s
    it was a fun place to work until Eddie Antar bought the chain and ran it into the ground

  10. I was a regular customer at the Disco-Mat on 7th Avenue as well as the one located in Times Square. The prices were very cheap in comparison to other stores. I had no idea that it was connected with Crazy Eddie!

  11. I was a cashier there in the summer of 1976. During lunchtime, the line would snake up and down the aisles. Those were the days!

  12. I worked at disc-o-mat grand central station location from 1979 to 1981. minimum wage, which at the time was about $2.95 / hour I think. everyone that worked there was really stoned. I made sure of it.

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