Maya’s Green at the National Art League

Maya's Green by Cedric Michael Cox

Maya's Green by Cedric Michael Cox

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably know that one of my favorite people in the world is Cedric Michael Cox. He’s been a dear friend and supportive neighbor for almost as long as we’ve lived in Cincinnati, and he’s also a talented painter who is participating in the 82nd Annual Juried Open Exhibition at the National Art League in NYC, opening Monday.

Cedric’s painting Maya’s Green will be included in this exhibit, and it’s the first and probably the last time anyone will name their work after me. It’s such a weird and awesome honor! Back when he was creating a body for work for his exhibit Ascending Horizons at the Weston Art Gallery, Cedric asked for my opinion of this painting-in-progress. I guess that whatever I said made an impact because he left the top half loose and ambient instead of filling the canvas with his usual tight geometry, and then used my name in the title. I hope that someone really cool buys this painting!

The National Art League is located at 44-21 Douglaston Parkway in Queens, and the exhibit is up 7 May-2 Jun 2012. Go, Cedric, go!

8 thoughts on “Maya’s Green at the National Art League

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  2. Nan’s mom… wanting to thank you for your kindness. Your work is exceptional. I am fascinated and intrigued by it…and want to say WOW!! I am not proficient with this computer so it’s often a trial to find and/or follow you….but I keep trying. I thank God for you and your talent.

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