Ghost Armature[s] in Cincinnati

Ghost Armature[s] at Peebles Corner

This awesome ghost armature is right on the corner of Gilbert Ave. and East McMillan St., a.k.a. Peebles Corner. It’s a 2-in-1 find: the large Googie-type on top of the small building and the chicken chef [I think] next door, on the side of what is now a Speedy Refund.

Ghost Armature[s] at Peebles Corner

I get big ideas when I see funky little buildings like this, the ugly ducklings of Cincinnati architecture. Could this be VL HQ? Could we repurpose the armature in some amazing way? Could the chicken chef become part of our signage? Maybe we should forget about seed bombs and just open a chicken restaurant.


2 thoughts on “Ghost Armature[s] in Cincinnati

  1. For years that was the “Tasty Bird”! The next owners draped a banner over the Tasty Bird sign. I wish that I had a photo of it…

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