Over the Rhine Transformation: Not Over Yet: Already Startling Rehabilitation about to Accelerate: something about a “steady takeover.”

A Song for Cincinnati: two competing visions for what could become Cincinnati’s anthem.

Handmade Gardening on Etsy: Apartment Therapy likes our seed bombs.

“James Drain” Hits Cleveland: some thoughts on solving Cleveland’s problems.

2012 Awards: URBAN ANIMAL: “Animal Architecture wants your ideas about how synanthropic design can reshape, expand and redefine the context of urban thought and space… Projects should focus on solving, addressing or proposing urban issues and must actively incorporate at least one, if not more non-human design partners.”

What Remains of Vintage City Store Signs: ghost signs hidden underneath layers of newer signage in NYC.

Are Some Buildings Too Ugly to Survive?: just that.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Hmm talking about feeling like a zoo animal, the Duck tours will be firing up soon, with kids blowing those annoying duck whistles we can feel like zoo exhibits downtown too.

  2. Those are fun — just give them the bird or your best evil eye. The duck tours in Boston all quack at pedestrians. It gets old pretty much instantly.

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