Seed Bombs in Garden & Gun

Seed Bombs in Garden & Gun

Something I learned recently: there is a magazine out there entitled Garden & Gun, “the only magazine that moves from the sporting life to lush land and gardens, from architectural pursuits to adventurous travel, from food and drink to visual splendor.” Best of all, the product roundup “Good Hunting: Spring Things” in the Apr/May 2012 issue includes our seed bombs!

I have to add that this is not some stereotypical Southern–Dixie-flag-waving-redneck publication. It’s actually a beautifully produced magazine with a down-to-earth Martha-type focus on all aspects of Southern culture, and also guns. I was surprised to learn of its existence but have thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


4 thoughts on “Seed Bombs in Garden & Gun

  1. Congratulations! It seems like an interesting magazine, and the photo with the watering can is very pretty.

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