One Hour “_______” Ghost Sign in Over-the-Rhine

One hour what? It was something in quotes so, whatever it was, it wasn’t literally done in one hour. The most in dry cleaning. Huh? The most dry? The most clean? This puzzling ghost sign is located on Elm St. in Over-the-Rhine, just South of Findlay Market.

A few years ago, I submitted this sign to the The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks, where someone speculated that the missing word was Martinizing. Maybe.

One Hour "_______" Ghost Sign in Over-the-Rhine


5 thoughts on “One Hour “_______” Ghost Sign in Over-the-Rhine

  1. Ms M,

    Yes….I do believe, being an old coot,

    that the sign stated….One Hour Martinizing…

    Gogglin’ the quote…gets this…

    Martinizing Dry Cleaning is a dry cleaning franchise founded in 1949. Martin Franchises, Inc., the parent company, is the largest dry cleaning franchise in the United States, with over 600 franchised stores worldwide. The family owned company is based in Loveland, Ohio. The Martinizing process promises one-hour dry-cleaning, much faster than traditional processes. In particular, the cleaning is done on-site rather than in a central plant.

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