City Critters Housewarming Kit by VisuaLingual

City Critters Housewarming Kit by VisuaLingual

We are so excited to announce our latest product, the City Critters Housewarming Kit! It contains everything you need to create a habitat that sustains and supports backyard birds, animals and insects.

The two feed pouches can be used right away. The kit includes a bird seed mix that’s heavy on sunflower and safflower, suitable for all birds, especially songbirds. To keep squirrels away from the bird seed, the kit also includes a pouch of squirrel feed, which is a mixture of acorns and hickory nuts.

Two kinds of seed bombs can be planted in the garden. The Bird & Butterfly Seed Bombs contain a mix of colorful flowers, and we recommend planting them near your back door or patio. The Wildlife Habitat Seed Bombs contain a mixture of clovers, grains, grasses and flowers that attract bees, deer, rabbits, and other small mammals. They’re perfect for the back of your garden, where animals can graze in peace.

City Critters Housewarming Kit by VisuaLingual

Our City Critters Housewarming Kit is inspired by glimpses of nature in our adopted home of Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati. Although we’re a couple of urbanites, we love critters and believe that green space should be designed not only with human enjoyment in mind, but also to support and sustain wildlife. The kit is available exclusively at UncommonGoods, which also carries our regional seed bombs.


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