Stuck, or Content?: interesting viewpoint from a transplant to Cincinnati.

Top 10 US Travel Destinations for 2012: Cincinnati comes in third on Lonely Planet‘s annual list.

Booster Shot: Major Mixed-Use Project Approved in Cincinnati’s Core: it may be ugly, but it will transform Over-the-Rhine.

Favor Idea: Flower “Bombs”!: thanks for the sweet shout-out, Details Events!

Top 10 Coney Island News Stories of 2011: Amusing the Zillion recounts last year’s top blog stories about the neighborhood.

The Greatest Paper Map of the United States You’ll Ever See: cartographer David Imus, working in his farmhouse outside Eugene, has apparently created the best map of the US.

“New York City as It Will Be in 1999″: LOLness courtesy of the year 1900.

4 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. No offense to Cincinnati, but a top travel destination for 2012? Really? I think the city probably has a way to go before it can be considered a tourist destination, if ever.

  2. Actually, I take those lists [whether or not a city like Cincinnati is on them] with a grain of salt. I think Lonely Planet is probably focusing on “undiscovered” destinations, although that also could mean that the places have less to offer, or things to offer to only certain kinds of people.

    For me personally, I can have a great time in many places that probably wouldn’t top people’s must-do lists. It’s partly luck and happenstance, and maybe partly an open-minded attitude.

    As for Cincinnati, in a way, you’re right. Then again, that surprise could be why Cincinnati is an interesting choice for such a list. but, I’ve had lots of good times here, sometimes in spite of this place, and I think my out-of-town friends and family have enjoyed their visits as well. For a short visit or an extra day tacked onto a trip, I think it’s pretty easy to have fun here.

    In any case, the list seemed notable enough to mention here.

  3. NYC 1999 is not so far off. The East River bridges look a bit undersized, maybe for effect. Adjacent skyscrapers connected by horizontal sections has been done. And LTA’s might make a comeback, given the price of fuel, especially for cargo.

    Check out the multi-section bridge carrying traffic to probably Staten Island. The idea of a longer bridge built to follow the curvature of the earth — a la Verrazano Narrows — was probably an obscure theory that the artists would not have encountered. Thus, dozens of goofy warren truss bridges lined up across the harbor, part of the LOL aspect. A definite R.Crumb vibe.

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