Cincinnati Shirts by Wire & Twine

Cincinnati Transit Map shirt by Wire & Twine

If you live in Cincinnati, you’ve most likely seen [and maybe own] the classic Cincinnati Transit Map for Optimists t-shirt by Oxford-based Wire & Twine. My friend Chris and his partners Wendy and Tom have a few new designs out that maybe you haven’t yet seen.

Cincinnati by the Numbers came out this summer. Frustratingly, I had been sketching out a similar idea at the time, although I have to admit that theirs is better. I think the toughest number to figure out is 246; do you recognize the reference?

shirt by Wire & Twine

shirt by Wire & Twine

There’s also Made in Ohio and, for our neighbors south of the Ohio River, Made in Kentucky:

shirt by Wire & Twine

shirt by Wire & Twine

All the work is designed and printed in their seriously awesome studio in a barn just outside of Oxford:

Wire & Twine studio

Wire & Twine‘s shirts are sold in many Cincinnati-area stores or, if you love mail, you can shop online.


11 thoughts on “Cincinnati Shirts by Wire & Twine

  1. You’re too kind Maya. Thanks for this – even though we so terribly desperately need to make more and NEW things! (We’re on it.)

  2. Eira, think about Dustin Hoffman. Don’t feel bad — I couldn’t figure it out at all, and someone had to just tell me.

    Leslie, I have a feeling that W&T won’t make shirts about other cities unless they have a personal connection to them. You never know, though!

  3. I’ve never come across the subway map shirt before, but I’m putting it on my Christmas wish list right now!

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