The Peters Cartridge Factory: a look at a cool old building in Mason, just outside of Cincinnati.

Future City ‘Spectacular’: self-taught architect and urban planner Orville Simpson II and his plan for Victory City, first dreamed up when he was 13 years old, and soon to be archived at the University of Cincinnati.

Bryan Patrick Todd: Highlands Mural: a cool new typographic mural just went up in Louisville.

Archive Gallery: The Futuristic Glories of Old New York: truth and fantasy from the olden days.

Agri Culture: architecture porn just outside of Baltimore, courtesy of our talented friends at Manifold Design.

The Kaufmann House: architecture porn in Palm Springs, courtesy of the great Richard Neutra.

9 of the Most Polluted Places in the World: prepare to become depressed.

One thought on “Elsewhere

  1. Spent a Christmas in L.A. with my sister one year. We went for a cruise up into the hills surrounding the city to see some snow. It was hard, icy and tipped with black. Kinda pretty in it’s own way.
    She commented, “Well, there’s the city”.
    I asked, “where?”.
    Down in the valley, in a weird brown haze, were a few shiny things poking out.
    I remember thinking, “Holy shit, I was just down there breathing that crap!”.

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