Postcard from Charleston, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland: Rocco Landesman of the National Endowment for the Arts travels to cities whose names start with C.

ArchiNATI Festival Hopes to Bring New Spark to Cincinnati’s Architecture Scene: just that.

What Beats Saving a Sign? Saving the Storefront It Occupied Too!: if, like me, you were wondering what happened to the Roh’s sign after the store closed, here’s some interesting news.

SpringBoard: ArtPlace shares news about this Cincinnati program.

Zooming In and Out of New York: amazing photographic series by Alfonso Zubiaga.

A Day at the Races: memories of Coney Island, written by Shaun Costello.

Woodward’s Iconic Vinsetta Garage Being Turned into Restaurant by AutoWeek Publisher: news out of Detroit.


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