Drew’s Vintage Bohemian View: a tour of Kitsch Cafe HQ in Clifton Gaslight.

‘Harry’s Law’ Gets Cinci-fied: “9 p.m. Wednesday is a much tougher neighborhood than Over-the-Rhine. I don’t think anybody expects we’ll win the time period.”

‘Harry’s Law’ Version of Arnold’s: bizarre, well-detailed recreation of the beloved downtown Cincinnati institution. But where’s the patio?

A New Rental Community Model in OTR: interesting news about Friar’s Court in Cincinnati.

New York Bodegas Are on the Brink After the ‘Worst Summer Ever’: sad news for corner stores in NYC and elsewhere.

The Densest (Urban) Environment in the World: “1187 feet long, and having capacity for nearly 9,000 passengers and crew members, the population density […] can effectively exceed 1.2 million per square mile.” Can you guess what it is?

Sanborn San Francisco Map Lettering: vintage type love from Burrito Justice.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. The new “establishing shots” (?) of Cincinnati in Harry’s Law are really nice & flattering. The first major case is an obvious take on a local case. Hope they get some more local type junk in there (relations with NKY are sorely missing).
    But the writing & characters still come off as really vapid to me.
    I might just stick with Burn Notice reruns. Seriously, wouldn’t a Kathy Bates/Bruce Campbell match up be great?

  2. Ugh, I watched the second season premiere the other night, and the show is way too cutesy and contrived for me. I appreciated that Cincinnati got name-checked a bunch of times, and there were some “real” shots [courthouse, Arnold’s and Carew] interspersed with others that sort of look like downtown/OTR but I’m almost positive aren’t.

    The reconstructed Arnold’s is crazy, though. The designers really captured the essence of that place, even while enlarging the space and ignoring the amazing patio.

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