Art Parade!: awesome photos of last weekend’s Community Arts Centers Day festivities.

What in the World?: hint: it’s in Cincinnati.

American Front Lawn Update: Turf Wars: the Old Urbanist on the state of the iconic American lawn.

Brooklyn Eats Manhattan: Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York on the “Mobius Strip of gentrification.”

Your City as a Platform for Entrepreneurship: a provocative argument, including a thoughtful critique of the BMW Guggenheim Lab currently up in NYC.

Street Tag: with this new iPhone app, you can virtually “tag” without breaking the law. Hmm…

New York’s Oldest Neon Sign: just that.


4 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. I dunno what the scoop is on front yard gardening in Cincinnati. I have grown corn out front for a few years now. Neighbor around the corner has grown tomatoes & corn out front. I have heard the city is cracking down on chickens, tho, which sucks.

  2. These regulations seem to be against self-sufficiency, which is so lame. I know someone around who’s keeping urban chickens, but I don’t know if that’s allowed or not. I would guess not. I’m all for growing your own food, too, even in a small outdoor area.

  3. I don’t know of anyone down in the basin who’s really trying to grow anything on their roof; I think people mostly have rooftop party decks. There’s a property on the edge of OTR with a vegetable-filled garden and some chickens. I photographed it soon after we first moved to Cincinnati; you can see some photos here. Beyond that, there are a few community gardens in OTR, including the big “urban farm” at Elm and Liberty, whose produce you can buy at Findlay.

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