The Snake Pit: BMXers in Cincinnati!

Virtual Library of the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County: check out the famous 1848 Cincinnati panorama by Fontayne and Porter, plus a ton more.

Vilnius Mayor A. Zuokas Fights Illegally Parked Cars with Tank: “It seems that a tank is the best solution.” Umm, yes…

Patrick Bateman’s New York: What Happened to the World of American Psycho: fascinating tour of the locations in one of my favorite films.

Adzookie: company offers to pay your mortgage if you’re willing to turn your house into a 3D billboard.

The Collaborative Home: interesting infographics from Brooklyn-based designer Kelli Anderson.

N SKY C: “The average color of the New York City sky, updated every 5 minutes.”


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. I’ve seen the Vilnius Tank mayor clip before, and kinda like it. I’m most amazed that many of the news outlets that covered it didn’t acknowledge or point out to their readers/viewers that it’s obviously staged. The “owner” of the suspiciously old Mercedes doesn’t even try to act–what, did he get his uncle at the last minute? And they’re lucky the tank didn’t tip over, and launch an entirely different kind of viral video.

  2. It’s one of those clips that’s so silly and shocking that it just cracks me up. In all honesty, I wish reality were a bit closer to this video at times.

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