Monster Art: creation meets destruction as art-covered cars will be demolished tomorrow at the Auto Parts Monster Jam at PBS in downtown Cincinnati.

America’s Attack on Lemonade Stands: troubling facts include the following — “kids in Strongsville, Ohio, said a handful of teenagers, including two boys sporting skinny jeans and blue hoodies, stole at least $13.50 from their lemonade stand.”

Motown Blues: Foundations and Government Struggle for Solutions and with Each Other: what happens when foundations with a lot of power try to tackle urban problems in troubled Detroit.

Painting the Town: an intersection in Berlin becomes the site of guerrilla art.

At Summer’s End, 7 Shops Will Vanish From Coney Island’s Boardwalk: sad, inevitable news about changes in Coney Island.

Spaniards Urged to Swap Cars for Lifetime Tram Pass: an interesting program in the city of Murcia in Southern Spain.

Using Twitter and Flickr Geotags to Map the World: just that.

4 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. In about 12 years, when Bloomberg is on his illegal 5th (or 6th?) mayoral term, the city will be giving out fines for having the “Cents” symbol backwards on a homemade lemonade stand. By then, they’ll have auctioned off every bit of public space on any sidewalk or in any park to corporations, and kids’ lemonade will have to be artisanal and $7 a pop to afford the space. Lemonade stands graded on an A, B, C, etc., too.

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