Custom Seed Bomb Wedding Favors

Custom Seed Bomb Wedding Favors

Here’s a new seed bomb iteration: personalized favors for weddings and commitment ceremonies. We’ve just started offering this, and it’s exciting to have already sent out the order above for a wedding last weekend, plus we have a few more in the queue. What an honor to have our work chosen to be a part of a couple’s big day!

We offer the print in nine different colors, and your choice of Flower or Herb seed bombs [though we’re glad to accommodate custom colors and our regional seed bomb varieties, if that’s your preference]. You can purchase our personalized seed bombs through Wedzu or in our Etsy shop.

Custom Seed Bomb Wedding Favors

14 thoughts on “Custom Seed Bomb Wedding Favors

  1. So far, so good! We’ve gotten a few orders without yet really promoting this, which is exciting. It’s been fun to work on figuring out the perfect color for each occasion, and knowing that our work will become a keepsake for every guest.

  2. Sigh… If only I were getting married sometime soon, I would order these from you. They’re beautiful, and I love the idea of having a personalized touch for guests to take home!

  3. Thanks so much! It wouldn’t have to be for a wedding; a few months ago, we did a custom order for a Sheraton hotel that was a promotional giveaway. We’d be glad to accommodate a different kind of custom order than just wedding favors.

  4. Such a cute idea!!! My fiancee and I are planning our summer wedding for next year 2012 and with the season, these wedding favors would be stellar! Excellent idea!

  5. I love these! I’m just starting to plan my August wedding and may be in touch about placing an order.


  6. Im getting married in October 2013 and my married name is going to be Baum… so, Im trying to find a unique wedding favor to incorporate our last name. I think this is a neat idea. Can you pick what you would like written on the bags?

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